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Our primary goal is to form and assist purposeful and quality, Spanish-speaking Christian academic institutions. We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to study in a clean, structured, Christ-centered learning environment.


For our first project we are working alongside the private, Christian elementary school, Centro Pedagógico Didaque. We aim to help them provide excellent education to the children of Mariano Matamoros and neighboring communities! The public schools in these areas do not have adequate resources of any kind — thus, half of our students are bussed in from very poor, outlying barrios.

The condition of our current school building has deteriorated to the point of necessary replacement. Therefore, we are planning to build an entirely new school building. The school staff and students are thrilled at the prospect of having a new school with electrical power and a roof that does not leak!

We enable even the poorest children the ability to attend a Christian school that emphasizes the gospel of Christ.


Tijuana is a city of transition. Unlike the idea of a small town (pueblito) in southern Mexico, where one is born and dies in the same place, very few people spend more than a decade in Tijuana. Most all Mexicans arrive here with plans to migrate even further north into the United States. However, as their plans change for many, many reasons, they become “stuck” in the growing metropolis of Tijuana. Most of the residents here have family down south and in the U.S. (some legal, and others illegal). And due to its proximity to the States, hundreds of factories have burgeoned within the city, taking advantage of the abundant, cheap labor. All of this has made Tijuana one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico – most of it, unplanned.

The educational system (just like the infrastructure of roads, utilities, garbage pickup, and everything else) is playing catch-up with this incredible explosion. And as a result, public schools in poor areas are disastrous, doing little to provide an opportunity for success. Kids are left to fall through big cracks in the system. Teachers come and go, and in many cases, don’t even show up. Class sizes are monstrous and out of control. School supplies are no where to be found, and restrooms are horrendous. All of this leaves elementary-aged boys and girls very steep slopes to surmount.

Centro Pedagógico Didaque has been a lighthouse for children in Tijuana. Many of the students come from broken homes in every sense. It is here that they are presented with love that comes only from Christ. At Didaque, students find caring teachers, a safe environment, and a haven from a city with so many problems.

Didaque Ministries has come alongside the school because it fits perfectly within our mission statement. Our goal is to provide financial support with Christian goals and perspectives.


Future plans include implementing art and music classes in order to cultivate a rich learning environment. Also, Centro Pedagógico Didaque has been a refuge for kids with special needs. The public schools are incapable of providing this type of special care. If your child has mental or physical challenges or learning disabilities and you live in Tijuana, Mexico — your options are dismal and depressing. Didaque Ministries hopes to build, form, and nurture a school of this kind with loving, Christian, qualified teachers.

The task of Didaque Ministries is very ambitious — and likewise will be very rewarding. Pastor Miguel Altamirano, who is on the Board of Directors, has also started a seminary in Tijuana. And Lord willing, this will become one of Didaque Ministries’ future ventures.

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